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  • 9220/9620 in Charcoal with Polar White Overlays

    American Tradition™ 9000


    We’ve taken the elegance of the original handcrafted wooden carriage house doors and the detail of the wrought iron hardware to produce a classic style made with modern technology and materials. Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, American Tradition™ doors are the ideal choice to add the classic look of a genuine carriage house door.

  • CA-320ix in Polar White

    Commercial Aluminum


    Haas CA-320, CA-315 and CA-110 Commercial Aluminum doors are strong, rugged and durable. This series boasts aluminum rails and stiles combined to provide a strongly profiled framing structure with aluminum panels and a wide range of glazing choices. Ideal for service stations, quick lube facilities, automobile dealerships, restaurants and other buildings where strength, appearance and…

  • 5816 in Polar White with Large TL Lites

    Commercial Insulated Aluminum 5000


    Haas Door Commercial Insulated Aluminum 5000 Series uses the natural advantages of aluminum and takes it to the next level. The Commercial 5000 Series has insulated garage doors with corrosion-resistant aluminum that stands up in harsh weather conditions and is lightweight material. These features provide unique solutions for any project.

  • Full-View Aluminum


    A clean modern look combined with flexibility, durability, and quality make this door the perfect choice for your full-view needs. Removable inside retainers make it simple to replace a window section or change the look of your door. These garage doors are ideal for residential or commercial use.

  • Model 3212 shown with a full view glass section

    Insulated Sandwich


    Regardless of your specific application, C.H.I. offers a premium insulated door product guaranteed to deliver years of dependable operation. Our micro-grooved sandwich models are constructed in a variety of gauges and are available in both polyurethane and polystyrene insulation options for those applications that demand the best in thermal efficiency and value. And, if you’re…

  • 2032 in Polar White with Full-View Sections

    Insulated Steel 2000


    Haas Insulated Steel 2000 Series commercial doors will enhance the beauty of your building while insulating and dampening outside noise at the same time. Choosing high R-Value sectional doors with polyurethane insulation helps improve energy efficiency. 2000 series doors are reinforced with roll-formed galvanized steel struts and double-end hinges, and complies with ANSI/DASMA 102-2004.

  • 660 in Polar White with 6-Pane Windows

    Insulated Steel 600


    When your major considerations include energy efficiency, noise buffering and beauty, a Haas Insulated Steel 600 Series commercial door will exceed your expectations. These doors feature environmentally compliant polyurethane foam injected between the door panel skins to provide strength and durability. A unique, multi-component paint system and sturdy hardware provide years of dependable performance.

  • 780 in Polar White

    Insulated Steel 700


    These Insulated Steel 700 Series doors stand up to the elements while dramatically decreasing exterior noise and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your building. The 1-3/4″ thick doors help you save energy and provide a protected, more comfortable interior environment. Built to last, 700 Series doors have the all the options you need to create…

  • 816 in Carbon Black with TL Lites

    Insulated Steel 800


    The outstanding features and benefits of the Haas Door Insulated Steel 800 Series have made it the door of choice among commercial and industrial architects. The 800 Series feature a full 3″ pressure-injected core of high-density environmentally compliant polyurethane foam insulation with a calculated R-Value of 25.8 – the highest in the commercial door industry.

  • LiftMaster APT


    Apartment Trolley Operator – Logic 5.0

  • LiftMaster H


    Hoist Operator – Logic 5.0

  • LiftMaster J


    Jackshaft Operator – Logic 5.0

  • LiftMaster LJ8900W


    Light-Duty Commercial Door Operator for Sectional Doors

  • LiftMaster LJ8950W


    Light-Duty Commercial Door Operator for Rolling Doors

  • LiftMaster MH


    Medium-Duty Hoist Operator

  • LiftMaster MJ


    Medium-Duty Jackshaft Operator