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Residential Aluminum 360

  • Bring a modern, contemporary look to your home with an elegant, hand-crafted aluminum garage door. Manufactured with rust- and corrosion-free commercial grade aluminum, each 360 Series door is built with tongue & groove section joints for superior durability.
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Model RA 360

  • Residential Aluminum 360 Series
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Insulation Type

Optional Polystyrene Insulated Rails



Section Material

Tongue & Groove Section Joints with Bulb Seal meet IECC Air Infiltration requirements

Customize Your Garage Door

  • White Color SelectionPolar White
  • Almond Color Selection ExampleAlmond
  • Sierra Tan Color Selection ExampleSahara Tan
  • Sandstone Color Selection ExampleSandstone
  • Brown Color Selection ExampleBrown
  • Mansard Brown Color Selection ExampleEspresso
  • Bronze Color Selection ExampleBronze
  • Gray Color Selection ExampleGray
  • Black Color Selection ExampleBlack Anodized
  • Charcoal Color Selection ExampleCharcoal
  • Clear Anodized Color Selection ExampleClear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze Anodized Color Selection ExampleDark Bronze Anodized
  • Black Color Selection ExamplePainted Black

  • Antique Cherry color selection exampleAntique Cherry
  • European Cherry color selection exampleEuropean Cherry
  • Cherry with Flame color selection exampleCherry with Flame
  • National Cherry color selection exampleNational Cherry
  • Coffee Woodtone Color Selection ExampleCoffee
  • American Douglas color selection exampleAmerican Douglas
  • Oregon Douglas color selection exampleOregon Douglas
  • Knotty Pine color selection exampleKnotty Pine
  • Colony Maple Color Selection ExampleColony Maple
  • Heritage Maple color selection exampleHeritage Maple
  • National Oak color selection exampleNational Oak
  • Black Walnut Color Selection ExampleBlack Walnut
  • Spiced Walnut Color Selection ExampleSpiced Walnut

  • Clear Glass exampleClear
  • Frosted/Satin Glass exampleFrosted
  • Frosted Light Gray Glass exampleFrosted – Light Gray
  • Frosted Dark Gray Glass exampleFrosted – Dark Gray
  • Frosted Bronze Glass exampleFrosted – Bronze
  • Gray/Light Gray Glass exampleLight Gray
  • Tinted/Dark Gray/Double Dark Glass exampleDark Gray
  • Bronze Glass exampleBronze
  • Reflective Bronze glass exampleReflective Bronze
  • Obscure Glass exampleObscure
  • Pebble Glass examplePebble
  • Clear Glass exampleClear Safety Laminate
  • Frosted/Satin Glass exampleFrosted Safety Laminate
  • Wire Glass exampleWire
  • Clear Glass exampleLexan
  • Low E Glass exampleLow E
  • Solarban 70 Glass exampleSolarban 70

16 Insulated Glass Options, 13 Non-Insulated Glazing Options, 5 Impact Polycarbonate Glazing Options


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Residential Aluminum 360

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Please Note: Colors, woodtones, door panels, windows, and glass options are to be used as an indication only. Some sizes not available in all models and configurations. Please contact us for the exact look of your garage door and availability.

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