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Raised Standard Panel 2580/2580L

  • <p>The Steel 2500 combines the strength and durability of Nominal 24 gauge galvanized steel with the beauty of natural wood grain. Built economically without sacrificing quality, the Steel 2500 Series is an outstanding value that will complement the appearance of any home. Upgrades to energy efficient insulated models are available. Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.</p>
Raised Standard Panel example

Model 2580/2580L

  • Steel 2500 Series
Product Line Raised Panel
Insulation Type
Insulation available



Section Construction 2” Thick
Section Material Nominal 24-Gauge Galvanized Steel
Window Style Short
Windload Available with Wind Load
Warranty Lifetime Rust-Through, 3-Year Hardware, 3-Year Spring

Customize Your Garage Door

  • White Color SelectionPolar White
  • Almond Color Selection ExampleAlmond
  • Sierra Tan Color Selection ExampleSahara Tan
  • Sandstone Color Selection ExampleSandstone
  • Brown Color Selection ExampleBrown
  • Charcoal Color Selection ExampleCharcoal
  • Plain - Short window examplePlain - Short
  • Cascade - Short window exampleCascade - Short
  • Sherwood - Short window exampleSherwood - Short
  • Stockton - Short window exampleColonial - Short
  • Prairie - Short window examplePrairie - Short
  • Cathedral - Short window exampleCathedral - Short
  • Clear Glass exampleClear
  • Frosted/Satin Glass exampleFrosted
  • Gray/Light Gray Glass exampleLight Gray
  • Tinted/Dark Gray/Double Dark Glass exampleDark Gray
  • Bronze Glass exampleBronze
  • Obscure Glass exampleObscure
  • Clear Glass exampleLexan
1/8" DSB
  • Emerald
  • Modern Craft Glass Design exampleModern Craft
  • Prairieview Glass Design examplePrairieview


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Steel 2500

Please Note: Colors, woodtones, door panels, windows, and glass options are to be used as an indication only. Some sizes not available in all models and configurations. Please contact us for the exact look of your garage door and availability.

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