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Skyline Flush 2158

  • Elevate your home’s style with crisp, clean lines and a geometric silhouette.
CHI Skyline Flush Cedar example

Model 2158

  • Skyline Flush
Product Line Flush Panel
Insulation Type
1-7/8” Polyurethane



Section Construction 2" Thick - 2-Sided Steel
Section Material Heavy Duty / 27 Ga. Steel
Window Style Oversized
Windload Non-Impact and Impact Rated
Warranty Limited lifetime on sections

Customize Your Garage Door

  • White Color SelectionWhite
  • Almond Color Selection ExampleAlmond
  • Desert Tan Color Selection ExampleDesert Tan
  • Sandstone Color Selection ExampleSandstone
  • Brown Color Selection ExampleBrown
  • Gray Color Selection ExampleGray
  • Black Color Selection ExampleBlack
  • Graphite Color Selection ExampleGraphite
  • Color Coating Color Selection ExampleColor Coating
  • Cedar Color Selection ExampleCedar
  • Mahogany color selection exampleMahogany
  • NaturalOak color selection exampleNatural Oak
  • Dark Oak color selection exampleDark Oak
  • Driftwood Color Selection ExampleDriftwood
  • Walnut Color Selection ExampleWalnut
  • Plain - Oversize window examplePlain - Oversized
  • Oversized - Arched Stockton window exampleArched Stockton - Oversized
  • Arched Madison - Oversized window exampleArched Madison - Oversized
  • Madison - Oversized window exampleMadison - Oversized
  • Stockton - Oversized window exampleStockton - Oversized
  • Cascade - Oversized window exampleCascade - Oversized
  • Clear Glass exampleClear
  • Frosted/Satin Glass exampleFrosted
  • Tinted/Dark Gray/Double Dark Glass exampleTinted
  • Glue Chip Glass exampleGlue Chip
  • Obscure Glass exampleObscure
  • Seeded glass exampleSeeded
  • Florence Glass Design exampleFlorence
  • Newport Glass Design exampleNewport


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Skyline Flush

Please Note: Colors, woodtones, door panels, windows, and glass options are to be used as an indication only. Some sizes not available in all models and configurations. Please contact us for the exact look of your garage door and availability.

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