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Sterling 2783

  • Flush steel surface for a completely smooth surface. Available with option for frameless tinted glass on any section, providing a seamless transition from one surface to the next.
CHI Sterling Sandstone example

Model 2783

  • Sterling
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Customize Your Garage Door

  • Bright White Color Selection ExampleBright White
  • White Color SelectionBone White
  • Stone White Color Selection ExampleStone White
  • Almond Color Selection ExampleAlmond
  • Sandstone Color Selection ExampleSandstone
  • Medium Bronze color selection exampleMedium Bronze
  • Dark Bronze Color Selection ExampleDark Bronze
  • Mansard Brown Color Selection ExampleMansard Brown
  • Burnished Slate Color Selection ExampleBurnished Slate
  • Cityscape Color Selection ExampleCityscape
  • Ash Gray Color Selection ExampleAsh Gray
  • Musket Gray Color Selection ExampleMusket Gray
  • Charcoal Color Selection ExampleCharcoal
  • Black Color Selection ExampleDeep Black
  • Slate Gray Color Selection ExampleSlate Gray
  • Matte Black Color Selection ExampleMatte Black
  • Classic Green Color Selection ExampleClassic Green
  • Hemlock Green Color Selection ExampleHemlock Green
  • Hartford Green Color Selection ExampleHartford Green
  • Copper Penny Color Selection ExampleCopper Penny
  • Weathered Zinc Color Selection ExampleWeathered Zinc
  • Silver Color Selection ExampleSilver
  • Vintage Color Selection ExampleVintage
  • Champagne Color Selection ExampleChampagne
  • Aged Copper Color Selection ExampleAged Copper

  • Tinted/Dark Gray/Double Dark Glass exampleTinted



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Please Note: Colors, woodtones, door panels, windows, and glass options are to be used as an indication only. Some sizes not available in all models and configurations. Please contact us for the exact look of your garage door and availability.

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