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Carriage House Doors

As a dealer, why you should always push carriage house doors:

  • There is more profit for you, because of the greater mark-up opportunity.
  • Carriage House doors provide the owner more options.
  • Carriage House doors offer a good/better/best pricing option.
  • The doors are beautiful when installed, giving you the best show once installed.

And in January through March, 2024 United Garage Door is offering you, a direct-to-dealer, additional 10% discount on all Carriage House door sales. A discount that can allow you to start the year strong. Talk to your homeowners about Carriage House doors. Use the provided sales sheet with homeowners, as you talk through the benefits of Carriage House doors. • Carriage House doors are the most aesthetically pleasing doors to add to your home. • New garage doors add character and curb apparel to the home, while also providing the highest return on investment for any home improvement project. • Carriage House doors come with the following options for homeowners:

  • Insulation
  • Design patterns and configurations
  • Colors
  • Material options: vinyl overlay, fiberglass overlay, and wood overlay

Contact your local United Garage Door service center to learn more or order your doors today.
Cleveland – 216-961-2577
Columbus – 614-274-4414
Cincinnati – 513-930-3001
Pittsburgh – 724-765-0545

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